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Custom Fabricated Applications

Welcome to American Liner Systems, LLC’s ‘Custom Fabricated Applications’ page, where innovation meets precision in addressing unique challenges. Our commitment extends beyond traditional geo-membrane and geo-textile fabrication and installation—we specialize in providing custom applications tailored to your specific needs, offering a comprehensive process from conceptualization to design, fabrication, prototyping, and rigorous testing.

At American Liner Systems, LLC, we embrace an “Outside the Box” thought process, leveraging our extensive experience to generate new ideas and concepts that surpass conventional boundaries, ensuring we meet and exceed our customer’s special requirements.

Consider the following example that showcases our adaptive approach.

Case Study: South Carolina Sewer Authority Challenge

The regional sewer authority in South Carolina approached us with a distinct challenge. They sought a solution to prevent their vacuum trucks from sinking into the ground, causing substantial ruts, and simultaneously wanted to avoid getting stuck in muddy terrains. Understanding their unique need, we swiftly responded to their request.

Our innovative solution involved a combination of HDPE slats and geo-textile. The HDPE slats effectively dispersed the load, while the geo-textile held the pattern for the HDPE, collectively preventing tire sinking, rut formation, and vehicle entrapment in challenging terrains.

Whether your project demands a groundbreaking solution or a subtle adjustment, American Liner Systems, LLC is your reliable partner. We possess the right product, the right service, and the right people to assist you “Outside the Box.” Our commitment to innovation ensures that your specific requirements are not just met but exceeded, setting new standards in custom applications. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of tailored solutions that redefine possibilities.