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About American Liner Systems

Welcome to the new home of American Liner Systems, LLC. Explore our journey, explore our services, and join us as we chart a course towards an even more prosperous tomorrow.

American Liner Systems History

In 1982, Gordon and Pat Kniss embarked on a journey by establishing North American Lining, a venture dedicated to serving the Oil and Gas industry in Northern Michigan. Their vision laid the foundation for a remarkable journey.

In 1996, the mantle was passed to Dave and Patti Bury, who acquired North American Lining from Gordon and Pat. In the year 2000, they took a significant step by incorporating the company under the name NAL Services Inc. This transformation marked the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Over the years, American Liner Systems has undergone remarkable evolution. Expanding beyond its origins, the company ventured into various sectors, including agriculture, industrial lining, automotive applications, and the vital domains of utility and municipal lining.

American Liner Systems Today

Today, American Liner Systems, LLC. proudly extends its reach across the entire United States while remaining deeply rooted in its home state of Michigan.

In 2023, a new chapter began as Richard Nicholas, formerly the Financial Controller, assumed ownership of NAL Services. Under his guidance, the company has been rebranded as American Liner Systems, LLC. This transition represents a strategic move towards a future marked by growth and an unwavering commitment to expanding regional coverage.

In this exciting era for American Liner Systems, LLC, we are delighted to announce that Dave Bury continues to be an integral part of our team, serving as the Sales & Purchasing Manager. His expertise and dedication remain invaluable as we shape the future of our company.